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Wild Cornish Seaweed Bath


Detoxification, deep relaxation and restoration


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One way to give yourself, or someone else some rebalancing time-out is to try a super warming, calming, nourishing experience that is the joy of a Wild Seaweed Bath.

It takes your bathing experience to a new level. Bathing in Seaweed is not only a truly restorative experience, but it has also been traditionally used to treat dry skin conditions like Eczema and Psoriasis, it can ease muscular pain and boost your immune system.

Our Wild Seaweed Bath is 100% biodegradable and plastic free. It contains an Organic Cotton mesh bag filled with 400g of freshly picked and dried, mineral and nutrient rich Wild Cornish Seaweed and Dead Sea Salts.

Make sure you drink plenty of water after your Pure Seaweed Bath, as one of its many benefits is it’s process to detoxify, by stimulating the metabolism and blood flow through the absorption of Thyroid influencing Iodine. Another benefit is that Seaweed is a miracle worker for your hair too, it conditions, de-frizzes and helps with static. Just lean back in the bath and let the Seaweed give your locks the Mermaid effect.

Thalassotherapy: Sea Therapy.

The bath bag can be re-used approximately 3 times.
Ingredients: Dried Cornish Seaweed, Dead Sea salt.

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Customer Reviews

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Wonderful! This was exactly what I have been looking for. The seaweed leaves your skin feeling soft & refreshed & the bag can be used 3 times. Let the gel disperse into the water & I lay on the bag as well as it just feels fab.

I squeezed the bag to release extra gel & 'washed' my hair. I have a very iritated patch on my scalp. It has totally calmed down.

The face serum is lovely as well. I hate chemicals in products & seaweed is the best thing to use.

I will be placing a regular order!


Love this product! I can only echo the comments above. I used this product during COVID lockdown period. It so helped to relax in this nourishing product. I have it sitting in the fridge awaiting my third use.


Absolutely fantastic product! Initially given this as a present from my parents and have continued to purchase ever since! Use this every few months (as a special treat!) and it always leaves my body feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed. Like yoga but for your skin! Beautiful, natural smell infused into the bath along with a gorgeously rich, gel like texture that leaves your skin feeling soft and nourished. I recommend not filling your bath too full so you can fully feel the effects the seaweed has on the body (and also make sure you leave it long enough to diffuse into the water). You can reuse again and the packaging has improved since the first time I purchased to be compostable - a fantastic development! When you can't get to the beach, this will transport you. A product I honestly couldn't live without. Be warned - other family members will want to steal this so I recommend buying them one too to avoid any domestics!


This is makes for a wonderful bath, both soothing and nourishing. I would highly recommend.

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