Natural Skincare, Enhanced By Seaweed.

Beautiful natural skincare that delivers nutrients your skin and body will love..

Seaweed is an amazing ingredient for skin-care.

It is packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids, 10 times more minerals can be found in Seaweeds than can be found in any land plant. Since Seaweed has to survive in such a hostile environment, salt water, fluctuating water levels and exposure to UV rays it has to have high anti-oxidant levels to survive, which is great for our skin.

Therefore, our star ingredient in all of our products is, yes you guessed it, Seaweed.


Pure Seaweed Bath

A truly luxurious and fully immersive Seaweed home-spa experience for your bath. Give yourself, or someone else, some extra special seaweed love.             


Pure Seaweed Soap

Handmade, gentle soap, infused with skin softening seaweed. This is really good for everyday use in the shower if your skin is a little dry.                                       


Organic Body Scrub

Skin loving, Seaweed infused Organic Jojoba Oil and Pink Himalayan Salt, combine to help detoxify, brighten and soften, revealing your skins natural glow.


Organic Facial Oil 

Healing and skin nourishing infused oils, use at night to let the seaweed and oils do their restorative work whilst your body rests.                                                                  


Skin Soother for Very Dry Skin

An effective blend of Seaweed and herbs to help repair your very dry skin. Use on elbows, knees, cracked heels, dry cuticles, just about anywhere that needs a little extra moisturisation.


Organic Lip-Balm

Little pots of minty hydrating and protective seaweed balm for your lips, super handy when out walking the dog.


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About Us

Richard and Hannah are the founders of The Cornish Seaweed Bath Co. They developed and continue to develop this skincare range to meet the needs of skin exposed to coastal elements, harsh-sun, salt-spray and coastal winds, whilst living on the far west coast of Cornwall. They design and create natural skincare based on time-tested principles and traditional recipes. 

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