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Working with nature.

Our products are hand-crafted and inspired by the wild and ever changing Cornish Coast. Harsh sun, salt spray, wind and rain, these elements shape how we live and gave us the desire to produce climate and nature inspired skin care. All of our products begin with collecting Wild Cornish Seaweed. 

We harvest only from designated areas with permission, and in regularly tested waters. We cut only the top part of the plant, this then has a similar effect to pruning plants in a garden, and stimulates regrowth. 


Sustainably and by hand.


Formulate & create. Maintain purity.

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Because our products are made with delicate natural ingredients, we have developed processes and techniques that maintain the purity of our ingredients. This means our products have the maximum benefits for our customers.

We are always happiest when we hear the positive results our customers have from using them…

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We are passionate about natural health and the sea.

With a background in natural health, and living next to the sea here in far West Cornwall, it was inevitable that we would discover the amazingness of our local seaweeds… 

Est. 2013 West Cornwall

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