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Waterlogged Spaniel Ears

Typical Springer complaint! Swimming in the sea and Finns ears get smelly and sore but the itchy ear oil for dogs has worked wonders. Two applications so far and his ears are calming down from an angry red to a more normal pink and smelling so much better. I wish I had found this company and their products sooner.

140g Pure Seaweed Soap
Michelle Preston

140g Pure Seaweed Soap

A great face oil

It says its the only moisturiser that you'll need. It's true. A few drops of the oil on your face and it leaves it feeling soft and hydrated all day. It's unnecessary to put a face cream on top.

Skin Repair Balm

The balm is excellent is clearing up my contact dermatitis. Thoroughly recommend.

Itchy Ear Oil for Dogs
Margaret Hall
Muffin's itchy ears

Muffin's 12 years old and had ear problems since puppy days. The oil works very well and I am pleased, my only problem is its such a small container and for me would be more economical if it was in a dropper bottle. Great product though


Such a treat to get a soap bonus with my body scrub. Your soaps are great.

Just the best soap ever!

We use our soap for showering, face washing AND hair washing!! It is just the best soap we have ever used.... no need for bottles of shampoo and bottles of conditioner! My skin is silky smooth, hair is soft and shiny, the soap suds dissipate very quickly so no need to try and fight with all those suds to disappear....and saving money too! What could be better??

Dog Shampoo Bar
suzi love
Dog shampoo

Wowww!!! I have two min schnauzers, one aged 12 with hot spots and itchy skin and one pup aged 4 months.
Used the bar on both and it was amazing, lathers up so quickly, no more pouring jug of shampoo over them to see most of it go down the plug hole !!! Legs and feet were a doddle and their face and beards came up super clean and NO waste!!
After the bath both had super clean fur, no residue , no dandruff and best of all hardly any scratching from the elder one…. and that is after just one bath!
Their coat was also much easier to comb with less matting .
Definitely worth the money and bar hardly looks used so should last for ages!!!!

Perfect in every way

The seaweed balm is the only product that softens my hands. I wash my hands at least 20 times at work and use sanitizer continuously so I desperately needed a hand cream that worked and I found it in the seaweed balm!!! Arrived quickly and well packaged, thank you for making this!

Quality product

I bought the oil for itchy ears for dogs. Works very well after applying it a few times the redness and the itchiness goes. Saves a lot of money from going to the vet. Thank you

Dog Shampoo Bar
Claire Davies
Smells lovely

It smells so lovely I wanted to use it myself! Lathers really well and left my dogs coat lovely and soft. Looks like the bar will last a long time. Highly recommended.

Amazing stuff

I must have spent a small fortune over the years trying to find the perfect products for my sensitive, easily irritated skin. Even worse now I'm menopausal. Shower gels have been too drying or irritating and most body lotions and creams bring me out in spots or rashes and don't really seem to moisturise my skin enough. It's been a ridiculous cycle and nothing has really worked until now.
The soap really leaves my skin squeaky clean, soft and clear and isn't at all drying. It smells gorgeous and fresh, lathers well and lasts absolutely ages. The balm does exactly what it says on the tin; repairs skin. It sinks in really well and I can't believe how long it is lasting. A little really goes a long way.
The difference in the appearance and feel of my skin was noticeable from just one use and is improving all the time. I have been using the soap and balm for about a month now and although I have loads left I'm ordering again as I don't want to run out. I also love that the products are so natural and made in the UK. I'm so impressed with this company and their products and after the success of the soap and balm, I feel confident in trying other products in the range.

V good

I’m liking my soap and lip balm. Both are soothing on my skin.

Sand Organic Facial Oil

I bought this product to see if it would make a difference to my rosacea I have on my nose area, I can’t say I’ve noticed any difference but will continue to use as I know it won’t happen overnight. I only need to use a few drops of the oil & it’s enough to rub into my whole face so it should last a bit.

Absolutely love this product!

This is such a great product ang my skin absolutely loves it. I use it on my hands and soles of my feet and it is so nourishing and just so good to use.

Great product

I received my shampoo and conditioner from the launch offer. I love it! I have fine hair and wash it daily and use conditioner a couple of times a week. I was a little surprised at the strong mint smell but it leaves my hair soft and fresh with enough volume and no tangles. It definitely feels different from my previous shampoo. I like the aluminium can but find the screw cap a bit small and awkward with wet hands but guess any other way of dispensing would use plastic which would not be good. I use many of your products and love them all and it’s great that they’re made here in Cornwall. Look forward to new products in the future.

140g Pure Seaweed Soap
Mandy Woodroffe
Lovely Soap

This soap not only smells great and it does not dry your skin out.I have also been using it on my hair and it makes it feel lovely and soft. I can not wait until the shampoo is back in stock again

Seaweed soap

Excellent value. Skin is a lot better now. Nice smell too

Amazing Soap

Another order received promptly. As usual the soap was fantastic. Visiting Family will be expecting birthday presents! Another order Soon 👍

Seaweed soap

Great stuff I reall like it , and I get really dirty

140g Pure Seaweed Soap
Andrew Wakefield
Pure seaweed soap

Really pleased with the soap. It lathers much better than I thought it might. It smells good and, having used it for a while, seems a big improvement over the shower gel I was using previously.
Would definitely recommend it

Lovely glowing face x

Excellent Body Scrub and Facial Oil

Like all the organic ingredients. Body scrub salts are quite course, which I like as it feels its really exfoliating the skin and it also leaves the skin feeling soft so you don't need to apply cream to your skin after.
I was also sent a complimentary super-nutrient facial oil which is also excellent. It absorbs very well into the skin and (as it states) you don't need to apply any any other moisturising cream as the skin feels soft and totally nourished by the oil alone.

140g Pure Seaweed Soap
Claire Davies
Amazingly soft skin

The first time I used this I couldn't believe how soft my skin was, my son and daughter said the same! We've been using it a few weeks now and it hasn't disappointed. My son is a teenager and it's really made a difference to his spot prone skin. I also ordered soap for my dog and it smells lovely. We would all highly recommend and won't be going back to the usual shop bought ones! Thank you.

Super Duper!

Just love all the products I’ve purchased and have members of my family hooked also!

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