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The Seaweed Bath Ritual

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The Seaweed Bath and Body Scrub Ritual is used by our Spa partners as a nourishing, relaxing, cleansing and indulgent Spa experience.

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You can treat yourself, or perhaps someone else, to this uniquely relaxing and restorative combination, simply run a hot bath, open one of the bundles of the Pure Seaweed Bath and drop its into the hot water. While you are waiting for the Seaweed to release its silky oils into the water, grab yourself a glass of refreshing Cucumber water, put on some relaxing music, then take out a scoop of the Himalayan Body Scrub and massage it into your skin, enjoying the warming and evocative blend of Essential Oils. Finally, step into the warming and comforting Seaweed Bath and let the salts gently dissolve in the water, relax and enjoy……

The two products, one 200g jar of Organic Jojoba, Seaweed and Himalayan Salt Body Scrub and one 400g Wild Seaweed Bath bag are packaged in a white magnetic-closure presentation box, nestled amongst some ‘seaweed-like’ recycled shredded black paper.

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