Salty Sea Dog Shampoo Bar

Salty Sea Dog Shampoo Bar


“When you’re a pup, you have fur and sometimes your skin just gets annoyingly itchy! Sometimes I get an itch that, no matter how hard and fast I whack it with my back leg, it just won’t go..
This used to happen a lot, so I got my humans to make this shampoo bar that’s made from a special blend of herbs, seaweed and natural oils.. Now I’ve made it available to you, my furry friends! So you too can be itch free, and feel and smell amazing!
Buy it here.. (my humans will organise your order, as I have to go and hide a ball under the sofa so I can woof at it)..” Koko.



Saponified Olive Oil infused with hand harvested Cornish Seaweed, Angelica Sinensis, Dandelion and Mint. Saponified Castor and Coconut Oil.

Essential Oils: Basil, Cedarwood, Sweet Orange, Vetiver. (It smells great!)

It does this:

Angelica Sinensis: Soothes itching and inflammation
Dandelion: High in Linoleic Acid which helps skin retain its natural moisture content
Mint: Antibacterial, soothing and calming for the skin
Seaweed: Skin conditioning and repairing
Basil: Cleansing and calming for skin irritations
Cedarwood: Decreases inflammation
Orange: Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory
Vetiver: Helps heal skin disorders
Each bar is 120g


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