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140g Pure Seaweed Soap

(64 customer reviews)


Gentle cleansing and moisturising


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New larger bar! It’s easier to use too. Same price, same super nourishing formula.

Our 100% natural, Seaweed Soap cleanses and moisturises at the same time. Handmade with only 100% Natural Plant Oils, infused with Wild Cornish Seaweed and with a zesty refreshing aroma of Organic Essential Oils, it will gently cleanse and nourish skin. It can help with problem skin as well as be used as a non-drying daily soap.

It smells amazing too, and is made by us down here in West Cornwall. Following some customers feedback, we’ve changed the shape of the bar so it’s easier to handle, and increased the size of the bar too.

What makes our soap so nourishing and hydrating is our Seaweed infused Olive Oil.

We pack in as much hand-harvested Wild Cornish Seaweed into our infusion as we can, we don’t just add a little so we can put it on the box, so when we say Seaweed Soap, we mean seaweed soap!

We combine this seaweed infused Olive Oil with Coconut Oil, (which gives our soap a super lather), Castor Oil, (to add firmness and help stop it going all mushy in the shower) and a gorgeous blend of natural essential oils of Lemongrass, Lime and Bergamot, to give it a natural and refreshing zesty aroma.

Our soap is hand-made in small batches using the traditional cold-process method, hand cut into bars and then cured before being packaged in one of our in-house designed boxes.

Gentle enough to use as a daily facial wash, and is part of our Facial Duo set.


Saponified Oils of:
Olive Oil containing Fucus Serratus Seaweed extract.
Coconut Oil
Castor Oil

Essential Oils:
Bergamot, Lemongrass, Lime.

No Parabens, SLS’s, artificial fragrances, Palm Oil, artificial preservatives, PEG compounds, petroleum, plastic, no animal testing and is Vegan.

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64 reviews for 140g Pure Seaweed Soap

  1. Emma

    Oh wow, my husband bought me this soap for Christmas and I absolutely love it! The aroma is amazing and my skin feels so soft and clean, without that awful dry feeling you usually get with other soaps, I can even use it on my face which is prone to rosecea. I highly recommend it and will definitely be treating myself again, in fact, right now!!

  2. Caroline

    Just back from a stay at a spa hotel on the Cornish coast and let me say- while the holiday was not perfect – this soap I bought in the spa area absolutely is! I’ve been on the look out for a non-drying, natural soap free from phenoxyethanol and Methylisothiazolinone (and a whole host of other harsh preservatives) but without the inclusion of that sneaky ‘parfum’ Trojan horse favoured by a lot of other natural skincare producers and this left my skin soft and supple without even the need for a moisturiser. I’m here to buy my home-from-holiday supplies! Great product- bring it to the supermarkets please!

  3. Lynda Tidman

    Amazing service from this lovely company. First time user of this gorgeous soap. Lovely smell, luxurious feel! Will definitely indulge again and look at other products.

  4. Annie

    My soap came as part of the Pure & Super Facial Duo. I’ve always found more commercially produced soaps leave my hands feeling dry, and I’d been looking for for products made from pure and natural ingredients with no nasties. I came across this lovely business on Instagram and it was one of those great finds! I expected the soap to be green. It isn’t, but it is amazing. The lather is lusciously soft and gentle and and the fragrance is fresh and uplifting. Best of all, after just a few days using it, my hands are no longer dry and irritated. Highly recommended!

  5. Liz

    This is the first time using seaweed soap, We find it very moisturising, the fragrance is fresh. Delivery was quick will be buying again

  6. Monica savill

    Received my order last week have been using it all over not just on my hair the scent gives an uplifting feel to my whole bathroom

  7. Jane Kellett

    This soap smells wonderful, but more importantly, it truly moistens your skin! I try to keep water off my face, as I find that feels drying, but after having a go at using this soap I used it on my face, and it felt gorgeous afterwards. Highly recommend.

  8. Sharon Kenchington

    Absolutely love this soap, leaves my skin feeling so soft and refreshed, no more drying sorr skin, thank you

  9. Caroline Bussell

    I have bought many soaps in my time but this is certainly the very best.
    It is always disappointing when a soap half way through gets a bit slimy which never happens with this.
    So happy too that there are no “nasties” either just pure ingredients.
    I will be coming back for more that’s for sure…. thank you

  10. Jennifer Steven

    I prefer soap to using shower gels and am always trying to find gentle and moisturising ones that are sustainably produced. This soap smells beautiful, strong enough to be enjoyable but not overpowering and makes showering a treat. It’s gentle and in no way drying which has been a problem for me with other brands. I’m always dubious when it comes to using soap on my face but have tried using this in the shower in the morning and have been pleasantly surprised that there is no tightness, no dryness and my skin is really soft and bright! Having previously spent five times the price of this soap on cleansers and balms I’m now even wondering whether to just use this as my cleanser.
    the packaging is lovely and I already popped the other bar I bought into a present for someone so now I’m back for more more myself!

  11. Helen

    Beautiful product, I use it all over my body and hair and it’s gentle enough for the whole family.

  12. Nina Elliott-Charles

    The soap arrived today and I’ve just tried it. Absolutely gorgeous. The moment I smelled it I knew it was good – nothing artificial or unpleasant.
    Thank you, it’s utterly amazing ? xx

  13. Jennifer Casey

    It was a delight to receive my parcel containing the soap as it was so beautifully presented, and the soap itself is a delight to use. The fragrance is perfect for my morning shower and I even use it on my face, it is so gentle. I am so pleased to have found a replacement for shower gel.

  14. Saoirse

    It’s great to be able to buy soap without plastic packaging. Really nice on my skin, I’ve been using on my face too. Lovely zesty smell! I’ll be getting some for my mum for her birthday.

  15. Beverly

    I find this soap a joy to use, it’s so soft & creamy it actually feels nourishing.
    I found it so soft on my body I tried it on my face & it is really cleansing without leaving my face dry or tight.
    I wouldn’t normally wash my face with soap but you can with this product..

  16. Andrea Roden

    I recently received my first order of soap and I am very impressed so far. No hidden nasties,no animal testing,doesn’t dry my skin out and it smells divine!
    I also appreciated the simplicity of packaging and it being recyclable.
    Will definitely be ordering again!

  17. Dawn

    Have recently started using this soap and it’s the first time in 30 years that the psoriasis on my elbows had disappeared. I’m normally allergic to soaps but this one is fab. Also love the skin balm.

  18. Catherine

    I absolutely love this soap! Not only does it smell lovely; really fresh and clean, it is very pleasant to use. It is astonishingly moisturising, really remarkably so. My skin loves it! I am so delighted with this product because I’ve avoided soap for years because it was so drying on my skin but this is a total game changer. I’m a total convert!

  19. Jules Bartlett

    I absolutely love the Cornish seaweed soap my skin has never been so good I use it on my face and all over my body. I have also got two other of my friends using it and they to love it. It’s lovely prompt service with beautiful ingredients. I will be giving this to all the women I know for Christmas this year. I do know that after they use it they too will want to buy it. I would give them 10 out of 10 ??

  20. Jules Bartlett

    I have already left a review but I forgot to say but I am a farmer‘s wife and I don’t really get much time to pamper myself but when I shower every day and use this beautiful soap face and body it makes me feel thoroughly pampered by the time I finish my shower so I can genuinely say from the bottom of my heart that this is a genuinely fantastic product with lovely natural ingredients and an excellent service.

  21. Karen Boyle

    This is such a great product. I’ve developed very itchy, irritated skin since hitting the menopause and nothing calms it. Day 2 of using this soap and not a hint of itch or irritation. It’s got such a lovely, natural, organic scent as well. Just love this product. So glad I’ve stumbled across this great wee company. Easy to buy and quick to deliver too.. Thank you so much!!

  22. Karen Boyle

    This is such a great product. I’ve developed very itchy, irritated skin since hitting the menopause and nothing calms it. Day 2 of using this soap and not a hint of itch or irritation. It’s got such a lovely, natural, organic scent as well. Just love this product. So glad I’ve stumbled across this great wee company. Easy to buy and quick to deliver too.. Thank you so much!! Will be buying often !!

  23. Faye Vane

    The soap smells heavenly and is lovely to use.

  24. Jan Gilligan

    My whole family have sensitive skin so this gorgeous soap is just perfect for us – creamy, cleansing and gentle on our skin. It lathers up beautifully and doesn’t leave our skin ‘soap dry’ but soft and hydrated.
    I only buy this soap now and I’ve recently bought some as gifts (stocking fillers for Christmas – lol I like to keep ahead!)

  25. Joanne Cole

    I just love this soap, so fresh smelling, sure that’s the lemongrass coming through. It has a beautiful creamy texture and very nourishing to my skin.
    I’m extremely fussy what I put on my skin, and would recommend this 100%

  26. Caroline

    My family and I have been going to Cornwall on an off for 25 years, and I’m so delighted to come across these products! I’ve bought two bars of soap and they are just excellent, smell divine and are easy to use and I just love how they feel on my skin which is very dry. My 18-year-old son has nicked the other one because he tried it the other day and said it ‘was banging’. ??

  27. Joanne

    A very thick, sumptuous lather. Smells divine and leaves skin soft and smooth not dry. I’m very cautious with soaps but I will be buying this again and again. Also exploring the other products.

  28. Joy Thomas

    Received my soap a couple of days ago and it’s fabulous so have now ordered the facial oil and repair balm. I can’t wait to receive it. ?

  29. Jeni Archer

    Adore these products – the soaps smell divine and lather up beautifully and my skin feels so happy. I’m also very happy that no plastic is used in the packaging – the soap boxes are so cute I have displayed them in my bathroom! Can highly recommend and am looking forward to placing another order soon. ??

  30. Patricia Hudson

    It smells amazing can’t wait to use it,
    Thank you for the super fast delivery

  31. Maureen Jeavans

    My skin has become more sensitive as I have got older, so I am always looking for products that are effective but gentle. This soap is a delight. Creamy, soft lather with a light fragrance. It doesn’t aggravate patches of rosacea and leaves my skin feeling supple and a little pampered.

  32. Alison Eldridge

    First time ordering trying to be a bit more environmentally friendly. Absolutely happy. Quick service. Gorgeous product for my sensitive skin with a lovely fragrance. Packaged beautifully too. Even been able to reuse the box. Keep up the good work.

  33. Sue Thompson

    Lovely, delicious soap, not to be eaten by the way, lathers up to a great foam, so so soft & smells great, as we say here in Bristol, its gert lush,
    Fabouls soap will be buying more xxx

  34. Kathleen Ann Scott

    My hands were so dry and itchy with eczema like patches on hands and wrists from all the constant hand washing. I bought this soap a few weeks ago and my hands have healed and don’t itch. It’s so moisturising. I absolutely love it and have just ordered some more together with the Skin Repair Balm I thought I’d try.

  35. Abigail Main

    Absolutely love the soap! It smells gorgeous and leaves my skin feeling gorgeous! No plastic packaging also, will definitely buy it again.

  36. Annie JENKINS

    A family of four doing our best to reduce our plastics we started using bar soap about two years ago. We’ve tried loads, this is the first that I’ve re-ordered. It really is that good. It’s unique shape means that it sits really comfortably in the hand. It foams easily, smells delightfully light and zingy (decidedly unisex in a great way), and it leaves the skin feeling gently moisturised.
    We all love it.

  37. Yvonne Bussey

    My skin feels amazing and so refreshed after using this soap. It smells gorgeous and lathers up really well. Finally I’ve found a natural product which has cleared up the eczema on my arm, wrist and hands. I’m a convert and now find myself reading up on the benefits of seaweed! And I love the packaging and the friendliness of the staff who are clearly passionate about their products.

  38. Tara Goymer-Woodward

    I have extremely sensitive skin, which drys out and itches with so many products. I was lucky enough to see this product advertised on Instagram and thought I would give it a go. After looking at the website I decided to try a bar of soap and the face oil, both of which are fabulous! I have since ordered the balm, doggie soap and three further bars of soap. I have a bar of soap at every sink and in the shower. Highly recommend these products.

  39. Mrs Susan morris

    I’ve just tried my soap what a lovely product this is no itchy skin for the first time in a while l will certainly be trying more of the products beautiful

  40. Sarah

    Thank you for making such a gorgeous soap, I wish I’d found it sooner!! Back for my second order. I’ve been telling everyone about this lovely soap because of its uplifting aroma, it’s so moisturising and it comes in a beautiful package.

  41. Fanny

    Such gorgeous soap , I bought a bar for my daughter in Lisbon She has v sensitive skin and it’s been a joy to use . Smells divine and leaves skin soft , good with eczema too ! Will defo buy again . So glad I discovered it 👍🏻

  42. Lynn Ware

    This soap is just beautiful! It smells divine, and feels so nourishing on my skin, I even use it on my face. I bought the guest size along with the full size one to give to my daughter to try, I know she’s going to love it!
    I shall definitely be buying from this company again. Their dispatch time it’s excellent, and they are a very courteous company to deal with. Thank you so much!

  43. Paula

    This soap is amazing. It smells lovely, a natural smell, not artificial. And it leaves my skin so soft. Not like any other soap I’ve ever had. It doesn’t dry the skin, or leave it feeling tight. Just lovely and smooth. I’ll definitely get it again.

  44. Gail Glaser

    Gail – September2020

    Just bought several of the soaps. Really lovely products. Will be buying for gifts too.

  45. Rose 🌹

    Best soap ever and will be buying again. Last longer than any other soaps I have purchased and doesn’t leave any residue on your hand. Oh your hands are lovely and soft too. Small business with a great initiative. No plastic either.

    Yes I would recommend buying. Can’t wait to try other products

  46. Joanna Bowns

    Searching for an ethically-produced alternative to bottled liquid handwash, I found The Cornish Seaweed Bath Co. online and promptly ordered a bar of seaweed soap. I am delighted with the purchase. The fragrance is fresh without being overpowering, I love the colour and my skin, which has a tendency to be dry, has never felt better. It also makes a lovely gift.

  47. Susie Webley

    I have just used the seaweed soap for the first time and I absolutely love it.
    I have tried many good quality ‘ natural’ soaps but this soap is like no other! It is simply the
    best soap I have ever used! Please don’t stop making this! I will be looking at your other products now aswell! Thank you so much 💜

  48. Bettina

    Trying to do my bit for the environment, I made the decision to switch from liquid soap to a good old-fashioned bar soap. I am so thrilled that I chose this one (which caught my eye on an Instagram ad) as it is absolutely beautiful …. smells divine, simple but gorgeous (recyclable) packaging, luxurious feel to it and doesn’t dry out the skin like some soaps do. I am also now using it as a facial soap, so ditching the plastic cleanser bottles too! Win win! Thank you 🙏🏻 💦 🌊 💙

  49. Diana Conway-French

    I am very happy with this soap. First time I have used it. It lasts for ever!! So actually is well worth the price. I use it on my face and am very happy with results. I would definitely recommend the soap. Love the fact that it has Cornish seaweed in it, reason why I bought the soap.

  50. Christine Romeo

    Fabulous natural soap, lovely even on my face…tempted to try on hair too. I can only reiterated what has already been said and agree this is a wonderful Cornish product…I love it.

  51. Sonia Zam

    I absolutely love this soap! I have tried so many different ones and this is the best. It leaves my skin feeling great and not even a tiny bit dried out, and it works really well in one of the small shower soap bags. Definitely a committed and happy customer 😊

  52. Marianne tait

    I found this product to be exactly what it advertises to be..your never quite sure in this day and age as there are so many products on sale BUT I would 100% recommend this as it really does have that extra factor don’t just take my word for it try some yourself you will be amazed like I was 💕💕💕

  53. Wendy Carton

    I used the soap and facial oil last night and the soap again this morning. I have very sensitive skin so rarely try new products. If a product is unfavourable I usually have some sort of reaction immediately. Right now, my skin feels moisturised and comfortable. I feel optimistic! Delivery was prompt, neatly and ethically wrapped with a greetings message inside. A pleasure to receive such delicate smelling, quality products. Thank you to Hannah, Richard and Koko. Thank you also Hannah for the tech help 😊

  54. Ellisa Hague

    Absolutely love this soap, its everything that it says it is, and more. Lovely fragrance, great lather, and very moisturising. In fact it’s the only soap I’ve tried that doesn’t leave me reaching for face moisturiser afterwards. I will definitely be purchasing more.

  55. Margaret Wheeler

    I saw these soaps advertised, as a great lover of ‘lovely’ soap, thought I had better try. Certainly wasn’t disappointed.
    From the moment I opened the box to a fabulous fragrance, the luxurious lather and feel on my skin it felt like a moment of pampering in the bathroom.
    Nature at its best made into a wonderful product. Well done team.
    Love Maggie 😍

  56. Heather Cornick

    I stumbled across this little company on Instagram, and tempted by the ethos behind the brand, the idea of using such natural products and beautiful Cornish photos, tried the soap. It has completely sorted and changed my dry skin for the better, without the need to use any other product. I keep it in the shower and with it’s delicate lemony scent it’s lovely to use and lasts well even with daily use. I’ve since purchased the doggy soap (which is great!) and recently the facial oil to try. I’ve lined this up for a special Christmas present for someone who has difficult skin, and one of my daughter’s is about to make her first order as she’s also converted to it. Thank you Cornish Seaweed Bath Co!

  57. Ros Hewett

    The Seaweed Soap is just divine….. it smells beautiful, very uplifting…. very creamy, luxurious lather – it is also vegan and not tested on animals, which is extremely important to me….. it does not irritate my skin….. very, very pleased – will be looking to order more products in the future… 🙂

  58. Christine Winmill

    Very pleased with the soap. It lathers well, has a lovely, delicate lemony aroma that isn’t overpowering, unlike some well-known brands, and it leaves my hands feeling soft. Looking forward to using my other bar in the shower but I’ve got to finish my old product first – can’t wait!
    Update – I’ve used it in the shower now and it really is lovely. It is so gentle on my sensitive skin. Thanks for a great product.

  59. Cheryl Whitworth

    Having used the soap and facial oil for several weeks I have totally fallen in love with them.
    Being of a certain age I am pleased to say my skin has never looked so good.
    I will be a regular buyer.

  60. Angela Smith

    Beautifully packed and fast delivery. I ordered a large soap as a Christmas stocking filler and bought the guest soap too (for myself) I can’t wait to use it as it smells absolutely gorgeous. Brilliant service and would highly recommend.

  61. BeckyBee

    This is the best soap we’ve tried, and I’ve tried SO many natural and organic soaps over the years, my partner loves it too. It absolutely DOES NOT dry out the skin, I even use it on my face and I never use soap on my face as a rule. Gorgeous scent and it leaves your skin so smooth.
    I bought the skin balm too, as I read on another review that it helps with psoriasis on the foot, which I’ve suffered for years with, I’ll leave another review once I’ve tried the balm after my next flair up of psoriasis.
    Very happy….

  62. Shirley Smith

    I bought this soap for myself I have psoriasis and the sea always helps my skin. This soap is amazing, it smells wonderful, lathers really well but best of all it has helped the patches of psoriasis on my body and on my scalp. I use it as a shampoo and it must be moisturising my scalp. It is less itchy and much less dry and I have only used it about three times. I am now going to try the bath pack but I can highly recommend the soap to anyone with a sensitive skin.

  63. Pamela Fantauzzo

    I bought 2 blocks of seaweed soap. The soap has a fabulous lather and is excellent for my dry skin. I love the smell. The packaging was fabulous and I recycled the box and packaging for another present. I will definately order more and I will be trying the skin oil next. Thanks to all at the Cornish Seaweed Bath company.
    Pam from Bury, Lancashire.

  64. Suzannah Jordan

    A fantastic addition to add to my shower routine! This soap smells devine! Slightly Lemoney with other natural minerals……..beautiful! It’s a very generous bar,….very solid too! I used to get stressed looking for all the different kinds of liquid soaps to use! They are now a complete waste of money! This Soap is worth every penny! I now actually look forward to getting in the shower! Better for our environment too!

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