Skincare that isn't a chemistry experiment on your skin

Facial care that balances, hydrates & repairs.

Seaweed stimulates deep skin layer regeneration, by improving cellular function.

Iodine, minerals and antioxidants are carefully extracted from the seaweed, to preserve their function and effect. As they are absorbed into your skin, they improve cellular function and regeneration in the deeper layers of the epidermis.

Our Organic Super Nutrient Facial Oil also contains these high potency plant oils.

A blend of amazing, skin loving ingredients to support the seaweed's effect. They will also help and not harm your skin.

Our seaweed is sustainably and locally harvested.

The seawater where our seaweed is collected is regularly tested for cleanliness, and only the tips of the seaweed fronds are harvested. This allows the seaweed to continue to grow. Harvesting locally also benefits the local economy, and reduces travel miles (to zero) for our main ingredient.

“After just one week of using this miracle oil my super dry flaky skin has been transformed. I am so amazed and happy that i have finally found a product that does exactly what it says. My skin is soft, flake free with no skin irritation or rash. My blotched acne skin has nearly healed .. I am thrilled to bits. Worth every penny!
Thank you Cornish Seaweed Bath Company!”


“Discovered this product through a press release. I am on my 3rd bottle. I have a mature skin and for me, I can’t fault it. Slots easily into my routine and have received some very nice comments on how good my skin is looking. Thank you.”


“I have beginning rosacea on my middle aged and sensitive combination skin that seems to react with increased oil production to environmental stressors. I did try pure seabuckthorn oil which helped to calm down the skin, but is difficult to obtain here in Cornwall. I have now finished my first bottle of this rejuvenating seaweed oil: I even prefer it to the seabuckthorn one. It absorbs so quickly into the skin that within a couple of minutes I can add my normal moisturizer and then my make-up on top. More importantly my oil production has improved immensely as my skin has very much calmed down. Really loving this product!”


“This oil is a game changer….. and i’ve tried a lot of products over the years!! from the first time i used it knew this was in a different league. My skin has never looked or felt so good! just ordered some more products. The smell is different …. to me it smells a little like i’ve fallen in the kitchen spice cupboard…. i waited a while before coming to bed as i thought hubby might notice the smell… he did but said i smelt like Tia Maria (which is a favourite of his) so win win!! To be honest, with the results i wouldn’t have cared if it smelt like horse manure… which it definitely doesn’t btw!…. Thank you CSBCo xx”


Our Organic Facial Oil is really well complimented by...

... our super skin nourishing seaweed soap (it's so soft on skin, it can be used as a facial cleanser as well as a body soap):